WinPure offers two list cleaning software- List Cleaner Pro and List Cleaner Lite. The software also removes duplicate entries and erroneous data present in the list.. Most of the organizations have to do this on a regular basis as the lists have to be constantly upgraded to maintain the current status of the

and get relevant details about the effective & affordable list clean up software. WinPure provides some amazing data


as well as list cleaning software.Maintaining information databases is no longer an optional activity done by businesses but an integral requisite for effective business operations. The market is flooded with data deduplication and list cleaner software but WinPure is different. The software has around 8 easy-to-use modules.

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* Reinforces and builds company credibility by standardizing names and addresses with accurate information.

* Helps to reduce costs specially postage costs by deleting duplicate addresses from the marketing database. It helps to ascertain that the sales/marketing lists, contact lists, mailing lists etc.

* It improves the quality of the data by removing duplicate entries. This efficient list cleansing helps in maintaining the quality of the database and thus offers a reliable platform for other processes and procedures. The software simplifies the process of list cleaning and cleans lists & databases and removes inaccurate entries and duplicate data.

* It is easy to use.

WinPure List Cleaner Pro

WinPure List Cleaner Pro is award winning software that provides data cleansing

as well as list cleaning services to you. are duly maintained.

WinPure List Cleaner Lite

WinPure List Cleaner Lite, a list

cleaning software

that offers dedupe

and data cleansing services. An efficient list

Snare Parts cleaning software

helps to maintain the accuracy as well as usability of the lists.

* It can clean files of different types of formats such as Access, Excel, Text files generated from CRM or outlook systems.

* It is affordable. It helps to sort out all types of lists that include contact lists, marketing lists, and mailing lists along with other types of databases.winpure. List Cleaning software simplifies this job that requires lots of time and resources if done manually. The 6 easy-to-use modules in List Cleaner Lite help in efficient maintenance of the lists. Advantages of List Cleaning Software

The software offers an interesting array of advantages that include the following:

* It helps to increase the accuracy of your data . Managing and maintaining all sorts of lists is also an important part of this exercise. The latest version of WinPure ListCleaner Pro has the ability to import two different lists and match the two lists. These modules help the software to maintain any type of list easily and accurately